AIMP for Android v3.00 released!

Artem | 2019-12-10 12:30:46 | Views: 8656565

Today we have released of AIMP v3.00 for Android OS!

Whats new?
  • General: Android v4.4 is now minimal supported operation system version
  • General: native supports of x86-64
  • General: import / export of user's data and settings
  • General: an ability to control playback via gestures in area of album art
  • General: supports for custom CarPC based on Android OS
  • General: supports for the smb:// protocol - support for shared Windows folders
  • General: performance has been improved

  • UI: new app design
  • UI: an ability to customize accent intensity
  • UI: an ability to hide status bar
  • UI: an ability to switch manually between tablet and phone layouts
  • UI: style of settings dialog is now depended from used skin
  • UI: support for night mode
  • UI: support for non-square album arts
  • UI: the Pandemic skin has been added as additional built-in skin
  • UI: waveform-navigator support (skin must support this feature too)
  • UI: welcome screen has been added

  • Bookmarks: now you can delete bookmarks for non-existent files via the swipe-to-refresh gesture

  • Sound engine: cross-mixing feature now take tracks duration into account and automatically reduces mixing time if necessary

  • File Adding Dialog: a "home screen" has been added that contains a list of all available volumes and sd-cards
  • File Adding Dialog: an ability to pin folders at home screen
  • File Adding Dialog: an ability to sort content by name / last modified
  • File Adding Dialog: supports of the swipe-to-refresh gesture

  • Playlist: sorting and grouping templates a completely redesigned
  • Playlist: the %FileModifiedDateAndTime macro has been added
  • Playlist: the swipe-to-refresh gesture now works only if you drag the list at top edge

  • Sleep timer: the "at end of queue" event has been added
  • Sleep timer: shake device before the action now restarts the timer instead of cancel the action.

  • Skin Engine: potential abilities has been extended


New version is already available in our download center.

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AIMP for Android v3.00 Beta is here!

Artem | 2019-09-01 08:12:01 | Views: 8646262

Today we have started public beta-testing of AIMP v3.00 for Android OS!

Whats new?
Announce of v3.00


Please, report all issues which were found through feedback form and / or by our forum.

Please, refer to the beta-testing rules topic before send bug reports, try as much as possible to describe in detail the situation in which the error occurred, or provide the steps to reproduce. Do not forget to mention the full version of the program.

Forum section of AIMP for Android


Note that version is test, it may contains many bugs!


Join to beta-testing to download new version of player now.

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AIMP for Windows v4.60 released!

Artem | 2019-08-19 22:28:35 | Views: 8641478

Today we have released AIMP for Windows v4.60!

Whats New?
  • General: clouds support
  • General: podcasts support
  • General: support of dark mode introduced in Windows 10

  • UI: an ability to disable auto-hiding of windows that docked to screen edges in desktop toolbars mode
  • UI: now you not need to hold Ctrl key to scroll tabs playlists via mouse wheel

  • Audio converter: added an ability to pause conversion operation
  • Audio converter: an ability to customize hotkeys

  • Player: an ability to capture only one track from internet radio
  • Player: an ability to specify album art for internet radio
  • Player: the "jump to next track and pause the playback" option has been added
  • Player: the "pause the playback on app startup" option has been added
  • Player: the %bitdepth and %comment (for playing track only) macros have been added
  • Player: internet-radio - support for JSON-based metadata
  • Playlist: smart-playlists - folders - an ability to filter files by extensions
  • Playlist: support for IPTV extensions for M3U/M3U8 playlists formats

  • Sound engine: an ability to remap channels
  • Sound engine: limit of pause between tracks has been increased up to 15 minutes
  • Sound engine: loudness compensated volume control (optionally)
  • Sound engine: settings of the "remove silence" feature has been extended
  • Sound engine: upper limit of tempo and speed has been increased to 2x
  • Sound Engine: an ability to disable samples interpolation for tracker music
  • Sound engine: the "pre-load next track" option has been added

  • Tag editor: an ability to customize hotkeys
  • Tag editor: an ability to find and download information about the album from music brainz / discogs / services
  • Tag editor: batch copying ID3v2 to ID3v1 and vice versa
  • Tag editor: batch download album arts / lyrics for specified files
  • Tag Editor: support for in-place expressions in text tag fields
  • Tag editor: visual appearance has been updated
  • Tag Editor: ID3v2.4 - support for tag fields with multiple values

  • Plugins: InputFFmpeg plugin has been replaced by BASSWebM
  • Plugins: - an ability to disable scrobbling for remote files
  • Plugins: - an ability to specify folders that will be ignored for scrobbling
  • Plugins: - scrobbling status is now displayed over tray icon
  • Plugins: - similar artists are now displayed in track info dialog

Detailed Review
Also you can find a detailed review of new features in our blog.

You can download new version from the download center.

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Happy birthday, AIMP!

Artem | 2019-08-08 08:32:16 | Views: 8639524

Today our project celebrating its 13th birthday. Special for this event we have prepared updates for all of our products. Additionally, today we glad to announce you new generation of AIMP for Android - v3.0.

So, meet a new AIMP v3.0 for Android OS!

AIMP for Android v2.90 has been released!

Artem | 2019-05-06 21:30:20 | Views: 8628252

AIMP for Android v2.90 has been released!

Whats new?
  • Equalizer Presets Chooser: an ability to preview the preset before apply
  • Player: an ability to adjust rewind speed by holding the "previous track" / "next track" buttons
  • Player: an ability to download album arts from Internet only if Wi-Fi connection is used
  • Player: an ability to pause / resume playback automatically when volume level become zero / become non-zero (optional)
  • Player: support for lyrics in the SRT / LRC / CUE file formats
  • Player: the "Save player state during the playlist navigation via "next / previous file" buttons" option has been added
  • Playlists: an ability to define shuffle playback mode for each playlist separately (optional)
  • Sound Engine: an ability to adjust resampler performance/quality
  • Sound Engine: experimental support of AAudio-based output mode (Android 8 or newer)
  • Sound Engine: now app automatically switches between equalizer presets on switching between headset and phone speaker
  • Sound Engine: playback options for tracker music have been added
  • Sound Engine: the peak-based volume normalization has been added
  • Full change log...

Detailed Review
Also you can find a detailed review of new features in our blog.

Note that update distribution through Google Play will be conducted in several stages and will take about two weeks. If you dont want to wait for an update - you can download new version now from our site.

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